People are raving about antimicrobial silver!

Nathan L

Softer than expected with silver. Larger than most queen sheets too. Not as bright white as I was hoping for. Overall great set of sheets!

Alex L

Material is smooth and soft. It also looks great with white and silver

Laura P

We tried this product in order to reduce the smell that accumulates from sweat and drool. It works so well! The silver kills the bacteria and we all sleep better and healthier!

Joseph D

I love their sheets and I’m excited for their towels, but their pillowcases are my favorite. Just the thought alone that my pillows are encased in something that might be antimicrobial makes me feel better. I also used to get acne outbreaks near my mouth and those have stopped (unsure if the cases helped). Big fan, have and will buy again


As a nursing student and NA I no longer have to worry about what might have gotten in my hair on the job. I now have peace of mind when I sleep I am not spreading any harmful pathogens or organisms around for my husband to get sick with. I have even noticed that the smell of oil from your skin does not last on the pillow cases which is smells from bacteria interacting with your oils so they must be working

Alex W

I got these sheets about a month ago now, at first they shipped me the wrong items, but after 1 email (and an immediate response) they fixed the problem within 48 hours. These sheets are extremely comfortable, and they smell (and feel) cleaner than any sheets I've used after regular use.

Amy R

I was one of the original backers for the Indiegogo campaign so it was a very exciting day when I received the first set. It's been a year and the sheets are the best I've ever owned. They're so soft and silky. They really do last 2 solid weeks before needing a wash and haven't ever gotten that sour/musty smell from sweating in the night, even during summer. I just bought the gray set so now I can rotate between the two colors only washing sheets once or twice a month instead of four.

Camille B

Love the pillowcases, I got the ones with silver in them in grey. They look good and I've been breaking out less since I started using them

Ron G

Very good, love the feel and silver

Marko R

I love the texture and how soft the fabric is but at the same time it has silver treads and it’s doing all the work preventing the bacteria from growing on my pillow

Jylene L

I really love my pillowcase and plan on buying a full set of sheets. These will be especially good for summer when the heat makes things feel dirty even when they're clean. These sheets are soft, feeling like good cotton sheets, should, with a subtle gray/silver stripe to them. The big thing is how they inhibit bacteria, which is both good for sleeping and good for the environment, as you don't need the wasteful hot water or extra washes to get them clean. I've tried other sheets that claim to be "performance" and found those brands to have a weird plastic feel. That's not true of these Silvon sheets, which are simply a pleasure to sleep on. For a nice, fresh, and restful night, enjoy these sheets.

Adrienne K

Comfortable softness. Appreciate the antimicrobial property. Does not smell like dog yet, but it's early. Slight chemical smell. Wish it was organic cotton`

Justin P

Nice feel, soft, no smell towels. Great for people with acne.

Kara H.

My pillow cases are soft. wash well, and my acne is a lot better now that i have them.

Catherine D

Nice sheet set. Really soft (for any sheets) despite having silver woven into them. The grey looks really classy. I’m thinking about getting a second set

Blair B

These sheets are amazing! They just feel clean. As someone who changes their linens weekly and really values a refreshing respite from the dirt of the day, a clean, soft, luxurious feel to the bed just makes one feel good. These continue to feel so clean, I may have even stretched out washing them for a couple extra days. I picked these up in their crowdfunding phase and they were worth the wait, plus the folks running the show were really responsive when there were some shipment issues (no fault of theirs) on my order. Would definitely order again and totally recommend. I would love to see a hemp + silver bedding set because hemp is so great for the environment and gets softer and softer with each wash

Dennise Z

We have the queen set of sheets plies the pillow cases and couldn’t be more satisfied. It’s so comforting knowing that the silver is working hard to eliminate the bacteria. We sleep worry free even if life gets in the way and it’s been a little longer than we’d like since we’ve changed the sheets!

Joyse K.

I love these sheets so much. They look and feel great, and it's such a perk that it is antibacterial.

Sue K.

Excellent. I purchased these for my daughter, who was experiencing a great deal of acne & we believe it had some effect in alleviating it.

Christopher L.

They are comfortable and do no get smelly even after long usages

Steven K.

I truly love how soft they always feel and no matter how much I use them, they continue to always smell great! They were and still are a really decent price, so I ended up purchasing three more and shipping is wonderful, it was really fast!

Joni E

Knowing that germs don’t stand a chance with the silver thread woven throughout!

Sue G.

I was excited to see if an item that had "silver thread" and anti-bacterial qualities could be soft as well. After all, I did not want us to be sleeping on sandpaper. I can say: Wow! These are great. They are sewn well, the fabric is soft, and they fit my long pillows. Happy to have them.

Carolyn B.

These sheets are very soft, i like the subtle pattern of the silver stripes on the white option. I mean, i dont have a kit testing the bacteria levels on the sheets, but the look and feel are great.

Martin N.

Its really soft and really confortable, the color is great and It’s fancy to have silver in your pillow case 😜 I love it

Carla S.

Softer than I thought and a nice color--no real test for the antibacterial function, but it's a good pillow case!

Barbara K.

We love these sheets. They’re soft and comfortable and stay smelling fresh! I don’t need to use bleach to wash them and no heavy duty detergent that leaves chemicals in your bed. Silicon sheets seemed pricey at first but after several uses and washings they are well worth it. We are going to have a set for the whole family and guest beds, soon, too. I highly recommend.

Mark P.

Loving these sheets and pillow cases I always feel fresh and they never smell !!!

Molly C.

I absolutely LOVE knowing that the pillow I lay my head on at night is completely CLEAN! As someone who showers in the morning, I always feel it's dirty from putting my head on it after a long day even if I didn't get sweaty or anything that day. There are germs around in the world! Now I know that each night when I get in bed, everything is gorgeously clean. I love this company!

Ben M

They are soft and comfortable, and come with benefits most sheets don't have without changing the way you use or clean them. Love the fact that they don't get dirty as fast

Tim K

Really pleased with my shirt, & other items purchased. Have survived multiple wears running around Euro Disney with the kids - still smells fresh, comfortable to wear, looks nice & tidy. Definitely recommend.

Chakrik T.

it’s light, always smells good, and the fitting is just perfect!

Barry B.

These silver fabrics fit well, dry quickly, do the job of odor protection, and will keep me coming back.

V E.

ery comfy and indeed no sweat and no smell!


The material reflects heat well and the cooling stuff works well too.

Cathy W.

I am a long time fan of the benefits of silver

Michael Monti

Worth the investment. They feel and smell great all the time! Good look too!

Aleksandar G

Very comfortable and well made. They don’t smell even after workouts.

Ian B

Feels great, looks good, and does what it says it does :)


They are very comfortable, and still smell fresh. Thoroughly recommend.

Jay B

The silver is not just a marketing gimmick, it is legitimate.

Kelvin N

All day wear in leather wingtips and my feet come out with new car smell.

Christopher L.

Still dumbfounded to find that they simply do not retain any smells. I've even had a few friends give 'em the sniff test! Ordering more soon.

Grayling Brown

It doesn't matter where it comes from we unfortunately sweat and then smell. We use deodorant and soap faster than water down the drain. So when I came across this product on the funding site I figured we have tried everything else. So I backed the company. I am so glad I did. These socks are amazing. They so far (only one wash) seem to be working above anything else out there. I even worse mine two days in a row just for my own extreme torture test. Nothing. I mean nothing.


Stayed smelling fresh, felt comfortable to recycle them again. Would recommend.

Mark W

I've had it for a couple weeks and really have been trying to put it through the paces. I mostly use it for working out and especially for my most hardcore training days. No smell that I've noticed, even without washing!

Stephen E

I smelled them every day, and they were always as fresh as when I first put them on.

Brian J

Thank you for not skimping in any area of the fabric or design!

Joseph MN

Best purchase ever. I’ll be a repeat customer for as long as possible.

Aaron P

Super comfortable mix of fitted and relaxed. uber soft material. bomber for pulling off dirt bagging it and wear it AFTER working out and not smelling bad

Monroe B

Miraculously, I didn't smell at all. That's impressive.

Dan W

The anti bacterial stuff works and can air this shirt out without smelling up the whole house.

Todd F

...and it doesn't carry the smell of sweat with it when you take it off to toss into laundry basket!

Denton S

Great fit and looks very nice! I hope it doesn't absorb smells and is durable over time.


No smell, no slippage and love the color variety.

David P.

Silver threads really do prevent them from getting funky too quick.

Robert Neupauer

Amazing no iron fabric, plenty of stretch, most comfortable. You can wear these a long time before hitting the laundry

Paul J

Love the colors, the fabric and the longevity of this product...

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